About the books

The Death of Ink is a young adult, supernatural mystery set in Lake County, Florida. It follows Paige Langley’s friendship with Devon Connors, editor of the school news and enigmatic author of THE COLLECTION, a binder of stories Paige found in a bookstore. As their relationship develops, Paige quickly finds out there is more to Devon than it seems, and delving into his past reveals darker secrets than she could have ever imagined.

The Death of Ink
Book One


Devon Connors leads a quiet life in Lake County, Florida—or almost.… It’s a bit hard to do when you’re controlled by a violent and possessive muse, or when your social life consists of alcoholic binges, subsequent morning purges, and balled up wads of paper. The wide receiver for the Bass Towers Tigers and editor for the school’s newspaper, all Devon wants to do is pretend to be normal. And all Paige Langley wants to do is be noticed—for the right reasons—not because she skipped two grades or was the school ‘slut’ at Lincoln Memorial. A new girl at a new school, Paige longs to reinvent herself at Bass Towers. Paige spots her opportunity when a celebrity writer opens a contest for high-school students. But with ideas as empty as her pockets, and an unfinished manuscript to boot, writing a prized entry becomes another fantasy— then she finds a binder linking Devon’s family to murder.

Paige believes she’s found winning fiction, and Devon is willing to pay anything to cover the sins of his evangelical family—even commit fraud on a contest.

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