Change in storyline (possible spoilers)

So I decided that I am going to change my storyline a bit by rewriting (slightly) a scene and dropping an entire storyline.

Now, this storyline made up most of books three and four.

After I crossed all of that out, I am thinking how much will I have left? Should I fit it all into this one book I am revising now?

The major storyline change is I am going to open and close the Devon/Paige/Cristina romantic angle in one book instead of dragging it out.

I am also not going to include the whole Devon/Paige/Betrayal angle I had in the 3rd and 4th book. I think this is the right choice because it was too cumbersome, too difficult to close well and too unbelievable (the part Paige plays in Devon’s downfall).

So, what we’re left with now is Paige and Devon as a couple (sort of) by the end of this book with Cristina still hoovering in the background but she’s basically a non-factor (lol).

Going into the next book (or this book, depending on how much I have left) Paige trying to juggle all the new information she is learning about Devon and her budding relationship with him.

This next chapter is the most romantic chapter I’ve ever written. Originally, I was going to end it with a kind of break up, but I thought, what the hell, these two characters want to be together why not give it to them? Tired of stretching this out and it seems like the right time.

So I am closing the love triangle by making it a pair and opening the new story angle of Paige struggling to trust Devon with the new revelations about him.


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