Writing Romance

So I am still writing the ninth chapter (mainly because I was busy with midterms and other things). And I realize that this chapter much more than others and much more than anything I have ever written is decidedly romantic which is okay, I guess.

I just don’t particularly feel that I am any good at writing romantic-type things.

It is hard to capture the nuance of a relationship on paper, which is why I get frustrated and annoyed at romance novels. If you’ve ever been in love, you know that it is so much more than seeing the other person as perfect. You don’t really see them as perfect or even necessarily the most handsome or good-looking person, or the most well-behaved person. You see them as they are and you love them anyway. You don’t always have a great time with them either. Sometimes they suck.

I want to capture the joy and innocence and newness and disappointment of young love. It is a lot of emotions rolled into one thing, it isn’t just happy feelings.


Anyway, I finished the romantic scene in one sitting, which is new for me. I usually take forever on a scene. It is much harder for me to write the confrontation scene between Paige, Devon, Cristina, et. al. I guess that is where the ‘disappointment’ comes in. It has to be raw for it to be real. I don’t want an over-the-top Jerry Springer type of showdown, lol. But then, I don’t want it to be a couple arguing in the church parking-lot type of whisper fight. I need some balance here. It is harder to write than I thought.

Tension and disappointment in general are difficult for me to convey on paper. I may need to do some writing exercises/look up examples.

My book cover designer is working on the cover for my second book! I can’t wait to see the mockups.


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