Some story notes for book two

*MAJOR Spoliers Ahead*

I keeping both mental and physical notes of where I am in my story.

I have to make it a habit (as I did with the first book) to read and reread what I wrote so far, to keep track (in addition to notes) so I can know what ground I have covered already.

So far as to Devon’s past life (I’m on Chapter 9)

We know:

He cannot write at all without the influence of his muse.

He misses school, at times, because of this.

He meets Olivia (the muse/dead girl) after his parents split up and he moves with his mom and his sister to the woods.

He, we assume, most definitely shot Olivia or had some type of influence on how her life ended.

Other important notes:

His sister is scared of the woods (IMPORTANT)

So obviously this ghost/muse/girl is haunting him (we assume) because he killed her and she may want to extract some sort of revenge. But why is she making him write?

Well, I know this, but it is for the reader to find out!

Important to note: This is not the story. This is not the story. This is not the fucking story. This is back-story, sheesh people!

Two main goals to focus on in this book:

1. Devon’s relationship with Paige

2. Devon’s relationship with his sister, Lyn

The goal shifts in this story. The last book had a focus on Paige and her story goal. This book focuses on Devon and his own story goal.

Things we are NOT talking about in this book:

Devon’s binder. We already know what’s in it. Stories about his past life and a story about his sister being a druggie, no need to cover old ground.

Devon keeping his past life a secret from Paige or Paige distrusting Devon>>>I’m done with this. They are friends now and more romantically inclined . They are not suspicious of each other anymore. I’m not going over this again. They are more concerned with getting in each other pants than anything else, tbh.

Paige or her writing contest. We know she is entering one. We know it ends in June. It’s not June yet. Next.

A slight change of perspective:

I’m introducing a new angle on some old story arches.

First, Devon’s relationship with Paige, which I guess is completely new since he didn’t have one with her last book. I am attempting to write a love square, as opposed to a triangle, since both Paige and Devon are currently attached. I don’t know how I am going to justify their behavior, lol. But, I will try to least help the reader see their motives and where they are coming from in deciding to hook-up while still attached. Devon’s goal here is to balance his relationship between the two ladies, although he is ultimately asked to choose.

Next, Devon’s relationship with Lyn. Basically, this was alluded to in the first book, but Lyn’s on drugs, as is most of the football team. The thing with Lyn is that she has a semi-violent, love relationship with Rob (who is coincidentally also Cristina’s brother) who is the drug dealer behind most of the school’s supply. Devon isn’t too thrilled about this or Rob being abusive to Lyn. He is also convinced Lyn would be doing much better academically if it wasn’t for Rob. Devon’s goal is thus to ‘rescue’ Lyn, so to speak from Rob’s influence.

I kinda hinted at both of these main objectives in the first book, but where they were in the background then, they are now in the foreground here.

So what is Paige doing in all of this?

Basically, coming to term with her feelings about Devon and confronting her own inadequacies and fears. The writing contest takes the background here and is mostly used as a device in developing her relationship with Devon. Ultimately, Paige’s goal is to be in a relationship with Devon (aw!). But let’s see if that shit pans out (evil laugh).

Now writing: Chapter 9 (completely new material, and you know how much I like writing…hint, I hate it :/ ) and it’s decision-time for Devon. Who or what will he choose. I’ve been envisioning this scene for a while, getting it on paper the way I want it is going to be difficult. I’m giving myself until Sunday….I think, but don’t quote me. That is the first half  chapter. The second half of the chapter will be about Lyn and a special revelation about her relationship with Rob (hint: it’s not a ‘real’ relationship).

More at five!


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