Book Two Announcement/Revision Update

So I finished my synopsis for #2 of The Death of Ink which I decided that I will call Paper Cuts, because, well, why not?

I started to write a romance and then I said nah, lol. I am going more of the unrequited love type of thing which makes sense considering what the third book will be about betrayal. I can’t exactly make someone betray someone they idolize until something serious happens to make that person not idolize person #2.

If that makes sense…

What can you expect from the second book?

Teen lust and secret rendezvous.


Devon, you dog, lol! You may not like him at the end of this.


I have to write a couple of new scenes. I need to tackle them correctly to make certain relationships 3D and multifaceted, and not another book about teens being in love for the sake of being in love.

I need to write this relatively fast and I am notoriously slow when I write. It is not abnormal for me to take a few weeks on a single scene. It has to be the way I want it. I’m learning to let go of that obsessiveness, since I know 9/10 of what I write is going to be edited out between my editors and beta-readers.

Overall, really happy with this book and the way it is shaping out.


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