Second Novel in the Works

Time to Celebrate!!!!!


I am working on revising the second book of The Death of Ink. I think I’ll finish  completely around May or August of this year. I’m having trouble finding more beta-readers. :/

Anyway, I haven’t come up with a title for this book, though I think I should keep it within theme. The Death of Ink, I came up with (I think I saw the phrase somewhere) but it struck me how much it fit with my story’s themes (death/murder and writing).

This time I am focusing more on Devon’s relationship with Paige and the drug scene on campus. The contest will still be there, but I’m showing their arrangement as more of a relationship instead of a business contract (like I did in the first book). I was looking at my notes and story map and decided to change some things up. I have to write some new material, but nothing that will take me long.

Biggest challenge: Portraying Devon’s relationship with Paige exactly the way that I want it.

Stuck on title ideas. :/

Listening: My Sight by Kye Kye, Contact by the Noisettes, and Wondaland by Janelle Monae


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