How to Promote Your Book (Pre-Release)

I did a search on free book promotion—websites where you can promote your book for free. I noticed a disturbing trend.

All of the websites were for books already published.

Waiting until your book is published to begin talking about your book is a huge mistake.

Don’t waste time playing catch-up after the fact—start promoting your book NOW.

Below are some websites I found for FREE pre-release book promotion.


Join the author program and list your book (you can leave out the purchasing link, etc. and just update the listing when your book is published). Here is my pre-lease Goodreads book profile.

Start interacting with other writers and readers on the site. The forums and groups on Goodreads are good places to find bloggers who will review your work and feature it on their blog.

Simple Booklet

Good for making previews of your book available to the public. Has a good widget to embed the flipbook to your blog. Even with a trail subscription, your book stays on their site forever.  

Blogs (Blogger, WordPress)

Many WordPress bloggers review novels. Check out their review policies and ask to be featured on their website. Out of courtesy, consider offering to write a feature for them, adding their blog to your blogroll, or adding their widget to your sidebar.  Find out good blogs for reviews using this directory: Here is what the directory for my genre looks like:

Find out the popularity of the blog using this link: if they are in the top 100,000 the blog is reasonably popular.

I will continue to be adding to this post as I find resources, so keep checking back.

I will also be adding a link featuring books before their launch. I’ll be doing one book a week, so if you are interested in being featured on my site, send me a little information on your book (blurb), the cover, and your publication date. Keep in mind that I will only consider Young Adult work, as this fits into my genre and the theme of this website. Once a month, I will review a book of my choosing, provided I can get a free ARC copy (in pdf) and post my review on Goodreads, Amazon, and another website of your choice.

Email me at


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