The Death of Ink

The Death of Ink Back Cover Blurb
Meet Paige—a smart, fifteen-year-old upperclassman at Bass Towers High School. Her desire to be a famous writer spurs her interest in entering a writing contest, but she believes she has no chance of winning—until she stumbles upon Devon’s book of short stories and considers using them in the writing contest—as her own.
Devon realizes his book of stories is missing and that Paige has it. Since his stories reveal his murderous past, he offers to help Paige with the writing contest—to find out what she’s learned about his past deeds.
A friendship soon develops between Devon and Paige, but she can sense something isn’t right with him, and upon hearing about drug use and misconduct in his family, her suspicion about him grows. Then she meets Matthew—a chain-smoking musician, whose interest in her seems sincere—and he tells her the secrets of the school’s “underground” scene, which Devon could be involved in.
This web of attraction, haunting pasts, and mystery only grows deeper, and Paige can’t decide who she should give her heart to—or what to believe.

After being stuck on my blurb for…a few months, I actually had someone write one for me. I like it okay, but what do you think?


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