Character Inspiration

I read somewhere that it is best to base your characters on people you know, but don’t know well. You know enough about them to write them well, but you know so little about them you can flex your imagination.
I followed this rule pretty strictly when it came to writing Paige. I based her off of two people I knew in high school. The first was a smart, pretty but slightly obnoxious girl who everyone seemed to hate with a passion. The second was a girl who behavior was a bit neurotic, and who everyone knew and seemed to like, but nevertheless she was always alone.
For Devon, the answer is a bit more complicated. I based some of his life story on my own. He reminds me a bit of my brother, still Devon is unlike any character I ever wrote. I started by basing him on this guy from high school, but ending up adding a bit of my cynicism to his character, a touch of wit and charm from my brother, and typical romantic hero sulleness. He reminds me a little of my ex, but then he doesn’t. Devon has a funny way of reminding me of everyone and no one at the same time.


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